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Most Recent News

      The Winbridge Group has moved its headquarters to Harvard, Massachusetts
   See the press release for more details.

Press Releases

These are some of  the press releases we've issued over the last few years. You may want to search for topics by keyword.

bulletFebruary 2003        The Winbridge Group, Inc. Headquarters Now in Harvard, Massachusetts
bulletFebruary 1999    -- The Winbridge Group, Inc. Represents G&H Technology, Inc. in Sale of Flexshaft and Shielding Businesses
bulletDecember 1998 --  The Winbridge Group, Inc. Represents G&H Technology, Inc. in the Sale of PULSE-GUARD® Line of ESD Protectors
bullet April 1998         -- The Winbridge Group, Inc. Assists with Financing Transaction
bullet December 1997 -- Conversion of Defense Companies Not Likely

Media Coverage of The Winbridge Group, Inc.

A special area of expertise of The Winbridge Group, Inc. has been working with Aerospace Defense firms on a range of strategic and corporate development issues.   Defense budgets tend to be very cyclical, depending on the perceived threats facing the country.  When defense budgets decline, defense suppliers seek many ways to mitigate the change.  One common approach for many firms has been to seek to diversify into non-defense businesses.  The staff of Winbridge has worked with numerous firms on this subject.  As a result, an expertise has been developed. 

The Winbridge Group, Inc. received a great deal of media coverage in 1992 because of our series of surveys of the U.S. Defense Industry on their efforts to commercialize defense technology.  At the time, the defense budget was being trimmed significantly and many defense jobs were being lost.  The news media were very interested in learning what the defense companies were doing to mitigate the effects on their companies and the economy.   Winbridge was interviewed by several national news magazines and newspapers for our input on this topic.   National and regional television organizations also conducted interviews.  Listed below is a sample of the written coverage.

bullet"From Bullets to Bullet Trains: It Won't be Easy", Business Week, April 20, 1992
bullet"Lockheed Navigates The Tricky Transition to More Civilian Work", Wall Street Journal, February 10, 1992
bullet"The Winds of Peace Buffet Connecticut",  The New York Times, February 16, 1992
bullet"Swords into Plowshares"Forbes, June 22, 1992
bullet"New England Firms Struggle for Markets"The Boston Globe, March 14, 1992
bullet"Survey on Defense Firms Commercial Efforts Shows Surprising Success Rate, Activity", Aviation Week & Space Technology, December 9, 1991

One result of Winbridge's extensive experience in working with companies on commercializing defense technology is that the staff of Winbridge has formed an opinion on which approaches to diversification work and those that do not.  This experience has been summarized in the white paper Commercialization of Defense Technology: The Key Success Factors.


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