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The Winbridge Group, Inc. Represents G&H Technology, Inc. in the Sale of Flexshaft and Shielding Businesses


February 25, 1999 -- To better focus its attention and resources onto its core products, G&H Technology, Inc. (G&H) of Camarillo, California has sold its Flexshaft and Shielding businesses to B.W. Elliott Manufacturing Company of Binghamton, New York.  G&H is a manufacturer of high reliability, aerospace defense connector systems.   B.W. Elliott is a specialist in the manufacture of flexible shafts for a wide range of applications and acquired the G&H line of Flexshafts to expand its product and market coverage.

G&H Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of high reliability components and sub-systems for mission critical industries including military, aerospace and undersea environments.  In the early 1980's, G&H acquired ServicAir®, which manufactured the Flexible shafts and Shielding products.   These products were not related technically to G&H's core connector business.

The Winbridge Group, Inc. has worked with G&H Technology, Inc. for several years providing consulting services to a number of their businesses.  When it was decided in a Strategic review of the corporation by G&H management to divest the Flexshaft and Shielding businesses, G&H retained The Winbridge Group, Inc. to sell the businesses.  Flexshafts are high reliability, flexible shafts used to transfer rotary power in non-linear configurations.  The Flexshafts are used on commercial aircraft for engine thrust reverser actuation, wing flap/slat actuation as well as cargo and passenger door actuation.  For military aircraft, the flexible shafts are used in such applications as remote reservoir fuel level indicators and canopy actuation.  The Shielding products are used to provide communication systems aboard  naval ships with shielding against electromagnetic radiation.    Communications and control cabling throughout the vessels are feed through the special ServicAir® conduits.

Winbridge prepared the Offering Memorandum and made contact with a number of firms who had a strategic interest in these businesses.  Several companies made bids and B. W. Elliott was selected.  Winbridge represented G&H in the negotiations with Elliott and the deal was closed on 8 February 1999. 

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