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Divestment Assistance

The Winbridge Group, Inc. works with our clients effectively and efficiently  to divest their companies, or a particular business within their companies.   Our process consists of six steps:

bulletWe agree with the Board of Directors on a reasonable value for the business.  The valuation is based on the financial performance of the business as well as its growth expectations, its competitive position and the market conditions for the sale of similar businesses.   The agreement on the potential value of the business positions Winbridge and the Board to deal effectively with potential acquirers.
bulletWinbridge then generates an Offering Memorandum.  This Confidential document describes the business in detail, presents its outlook from Management's point of view and outlines the Sale process.
bulletWinbridge, in conjunction with the Management of the business, identifies the list of likely Strategic buyers.   The focus is on Strategic buyers since these companies are usually willing to pay a premium over the pure financial worth of the business.   Winbridge then undertakes the direct contact of these Strategic buyers and solicits their interest in making the acquisition.  For qualified, potential acquirers,  the Offering Memorandum is provided once a Confidentiality Agreement has been signed.
bulletThe qualified, potential acquirers are then invited to view the operations in person.   They are given a presentation that summarizes the Offering Memorandum and invited to ask clarifying questions.  Next, they are given a tour of the operations and introduced to the key people in the organization.
bulletAfter this meeting, those potential acquirers who maintain an interest are requested to provide a Letter of Intent which includes the price they are willing to pay for the business.   These letters are evaluated and, after a negotiation process with several firms competing with one another,  one company is selected for a limited time, exclusive opportunity to conduct their due diligence and reach a definitive agreement to purchase the business.
bulletThe due diligence process allows the buyer the opportunity to obtain detailed information on the business which confirms the information provided in the Offering Memorandum.  At the conclusion of this process, the Purchase and Sale agreement is negotiated and signed.  The closing then follows.

Our Press Releases outline a number of recent, successful transactions completed by The Winbridge Group, Inc.

Key Benefits

bulletOur long-term experience in working with numerous companies to market and close on a transaction ;
bulletOur skills in Valuation techniques provide our clients with a realistic estimate of the value of their business;
bulletOur capability to produce an effective Offering Memorandum presents the business to potential buyers in its best light;
bulletOur ability to market the business effectively by working closely with key, potential acquirers so that they have the information they need to make a good decision;
bulletOur skills and experience in negotiating with potential buyers in support of our client to maximize the purchase price and bring the deal to a timely close.


As we initiate our divestment program,  we work with our clients to ensure that we have an agreement on the valuation of the business to be divested.  Winbridge has extensive experience in valuations including the construction of financial models which are used to show the alternative futures of the candidate.  We use this experience and skills in assessing the value of the business and share our findings with our client.
Generation of The Offering Memorandum
We have extensive experience in writing Offering Memorandums.  These documents are crucial in the sale of a business.  They must be absolutely accurate in the manner in which they present the business;  but they are also selling tools.    In this way, the business is presented in its best light.  
To write the Offering Memorandum, we work closely with the Management.  We depend on the Company's information but organize and present it to best represent the outlook for the business to be divested.  This same material is used to generate a slide presentation.  This presentation is used as a discussion vehicle during potential buyer visits to the operations.
Industry Contacts
Most of the businesses for which we provide divestment assistance operate in industries with which we are familiar.  This experience helps in writing the Offering Memorandum but also is vital to having good contacts with potential Strategic buyers.    Because we are familiar with the industry, we speak the language and know what is important to potential buyers.
Negotiation Assistance
Our client takes the primary responsibility for conducting the negotiations with the potential buyers.  Winbridge, however, provides strategic inputs to our clients and plays a supporting role during the contacts. 

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The easiest, fastest way to contact us is with an e-mail to info@winbridgegroup.com with any questions or requests. 

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