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The term "Corporate Development" generally relates to the actions taken by a company to implement their Corporate Strategy in areas outside the day-to-day business.   For example, these activities may include making acquisitions, divesting operations/product lines, entering new business areas through internal developments or with Strategic Partnerships.   In some companies, Corporate Strategic planning may also come under the Corporate Development function.

In carrying out its Corporate Development activities, a company needs to have access to good information relating to:

bulletThe global and national economic outlook;
bulletThe industry or industries under consideration;
bulletThe company or companies under consideration.

Most firms have established resources for obtaining such information.  With the advent of the Internet, however,  a whole new range of information sources have been added to the armamentarium of the Corporate Development staff.

On this page, The Winbridge Group, Incprovides a set of links to some sources that offer information in each of the three areas above. We have used these sites in our work.  We will add other links we discover with future updates of our Website.

Some of the sources discussed are free.  Others require joining a plan and paying for the information. Note Well: in all cases, Winbridge does not endorse these sources of information for their accuracy or utility; nor will Winbridge be responsible in any way for those readers who choose to access the sites included on this page. We try to maintain this page but the Internet is constantly changing and some links may not work.

The Global and National Economic Outlook

FRED®, a service of The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, provides historical U.S. economic and financial data, including U.S. interest rates, exchange rates and business indicators.  Some of the data bases include Gross Domestic Product and its components, Monthly Consumer Price Indexes, Monthly Interest Rates, Monthly Producer Price Indexes as well as Monthly Employment and Population Data.

Decision Economics, Inc. produces a range of U.S. and World economic information, but one must subscribe to the service to receive their latest data (some examples of outdated information is available free to demonstrate the type of detail they provide. Available on line to subscribers are such items as:

bulletThe Morning Briefing;
bulletComments on Current U.S. Economic Indicators;
bulletEconomic Studies and Economic Outlooks;
bulletGlobal Economic Developments in Review;
bulletU.S. Economic Forecast;
bulletComments of World Economic Events;
bulletComments on World Economic Indicators.

Baker Library of the Harvard Business School has a Website which provides links to a number of economic, statistics and country information resources. Included are:

bulletMorgan Stanley Global Economic Forum
bulletDr. Yardini's Economic Information
bulletUS Census Bureau
bulletStatistics Canada;
bulletStatistical Abstract of the United States.
bulletLibrary of Congress Country Studies
bulletUS State Department Country Commercial Guides

Industry Characteristics and Outlooks

Standard & Poor offers a service called Advisor Insight which provides both free and proprietary information.  Included in their Professional Services section are Industry Surveys.   These provide "comprehensive analyses on business activity organized into 52 industry sectors".

The Baker Library of the Harvard Business School website also provides links to a number of Industry information resources.  Included are links to:

bulletSpecific industry information on a wide range of industries including biotech, computers and software, consulting, telecommunications, etc..
bulletDatabases that can be searched for articles about industries.
bulletGeneral industry statistics such as Manufacturing Statistics of the U.S. Census Bureau.

IAC InSite is a fee based intelligence resource that offers cross-industry coverage of a wide range of sectors.   The Business InSite part of the website covers over 1,000 trade and industry publications, regional business journals, management journals, newswires and business magazines.  65 industries are covered with key developments, trends and activities.   Market InSite (SM) service can be used to "obtain market size and segmentation statistics".   IAC claims that with their service, a user can "track production and consumption patterns in virtually every major industry to identify key trends that affect product penetration and acceptance".

Company Information

EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system, is operated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).   Most U.S. companies file their required information reports on EDGAR and they are then immediately available on line.   These reports include the Form 10-K or 10-KSB which contain most of the information normally found in companies’ Annual Reports.   Some firms volunteer to also post their actual Annual Reports to this site, although they are not required to do so.

Kompass is a firm which lists over 1.4 million companies world wide.   In addition there are 23 million key product references, 2.7 million executive names, 400,000 trade and brand names in over 60 countries.    Some information is available free from the website.   Other, more detailed data can be purchased.

Europages is a European Business Directory covering most European countries as well as some non-European countries. A user can search for companies, catalogs and some limited business information.

Standard & Poor offers Advisor Insight which provides both free and proprietary information. A user can access stock reports with analysis, commentary and data on more than 6,900 publically traded companies.

Baker Library of the Harvard Business School website also provides links to a number of company information resources. Included are:

bulletCompany directories
bulletHolt Stock market reports
bulletFortune 500
bulletFortune 500 Global

IAC InSite is a fee based intelligence resource.   The Business InSite service has key directory information for more than 140,000 U.S. and non-U.S companies.   95% are privately held.  The data includes contact information, annual revenues, number of employees, description of the business, parent information, year founded, company officers, company URL which is hot linked to the company website.

Mergerstat is a primary source of information on transactions and their characteristics.  Mergerstat Review provides multi-year trends including Industry EBITDA, EBIT and P/E multiples.   Mergerstat Transaction Roster profiles deals including transaction synopsis, announcement and closing dates, buyer and seller SIC codes, deal values and multiples where available.  Reports and information are available both in printed form and electronically.


The Internet is a rich source for Corporate Development information.   This Web page just scratches the surface of what is available.   We expect to update our site each month and will include on this page any additional sites we uncover of significant interest to Corporate Development professionals.



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