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Corporate Growth Strategy

Many clients find that focusing energy and resources on a limited number of areas benefits the overall performance of their corporation.  The Winbridge Group, Inc. works with clients in a creative workshop environment using sophisticated tools and techniques.  The objective is to review the scope of the corporation's activities and develop a strategy to grow and expand operations with significant potential to meet customers needs.  Strategic Business Units that do not fit the overall corporate direction are also identified and appropriate actions are planned for them.

Key Benefits

bulletOur Market Research capability provides critical information on key success factors and competitive position that is not available in-house.
bulletOur objective, experienced team of professionals provides insights and counsel on critical issues;
bulletOur creative process and proprietary techniques give the necessary tools to our client management team;
bulletOur workshop approach provides the environment for a quick, effective Corporate Strategy development effort;
bulletOur implementation system assures that the actions that come out of the plan are taken.


Market Research
We have a team of experienced market researchers who are skilled in conducting personal and telephone interviews with high level professionals.  We have found that in most firms, there is missing, critical information that is key to the formulation of Corporate Strategic Plans.  During our workshop process we identify this missing information and then put together a program to obtain it.  Most of the information is available from key industry sources.  We interview these people either over the telephone or in person.   Occasionally, we will conduct broader based interviews using a variety of techniques from Focus Groups, to Mail Surveys to large scale telephone surveys.
Professional Team
Winbridge is composed of a group of professionals who are skilled in industries, technologies and/or functions.  Some of the industries we cover include instrumentation, chemical manufacturing equipment, machine tools, pumps, valves, controls, precision molded rubber parts, industrial and medical lasers, aerospace/defense systems and components, weighing systems and components, plumbing fixtures, foundry equipment, electronic components, laboratory equipment, etc.  We have expertise in automation, manufacturing systems, chemical manufacturing, lasers, rubber/plastic manufacturing and materials.
Creative Process and Techniques
Over the years, The Winbridge Group, Inc. has developed a process to help a top management team quickly and efficiently absorb the information critical to understanding the environment in which they operate;  and then use a series of analytical techniques to identify creative ways to improve their competitive position.  The process covers all of the elements critical to having a complete understanding of the internal and external business environment.  The analytical techniques cover such items as the Key Success Factors and Competitive Positioning.
Workshop Approach
Our workshops are designed to stimulate a creative environment.  We believe that a well founded strategy evolves out of a group which has all of the information it needs and creative environment in which to develop the strategy.  Our market research and analytical techniques contribute the necessary information.  Our creative process, as implemented by our experienced professionals in our workshops, provides the creative environment.  All of this is done in a small number of intensive workshops.  At the conclusion of the sessions, the team has a plan that makes sense form them and the company;  and fits the conditions of the industry in which the company participates.   The bottom line is a well founded strategic plan.

Implementation System

Many companies have found over the years that their strategic plans become shelf decorations and are not systematically implemented.  We have worked with some our clients and evolved an implementation process that helps to overcome this problem.   It involves the use of a dedicated Strategic Control Center, brief periodic meetings in which specific actions are planned,  follow up meetings to check progress and plan additional actions.  Computer based programs have also been used in a supplementary way to facilitate the process.


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