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Commercialization of Defense Technologies

Billions of dollars have been spent by the U.S. government on developing a broad range of technologies for space and defense applications.  Much of this technology has been later applied to industrial and commercial applications.  Winbridge works with companies in the defense industry to bring this technology effectively and efficiently to commercial markets. The principals of Winbridge have worked with defense companies on such projects since the early seventies.  Two national surveys of the U.S. defense industry were co-sponsored by Winbridge (along with KPMG Peat Marwick and DRI/McGraw-Hill).  These surveys showed that such projects can be successful, to the benefit of both the defense companies and their industrial/commercial partners.

A set of Key Success Factors emerged out of the Winbridge experience and were confirmed by the National Surveys.  This experience and the Key Success Factors have been recorded in various forms and are available from The Winbridge Group, Inc. (please ask for a copy by e-mailing marketing@winbridgegroup.com)

Key Benefits

bulletExperienced professionals who have worked on numerous commercialization projects;
bulletThorough and comprehensive process for research and analysis;
bulletWell developed process to identify opportunities;
bulletEffective implementation program to meet the objectives of our client.


Professional Team
While searching for opportunities to commercialize defense technologies, it is critical to have a team of professionals who have experience in the process; and knowledge of the industries of interest.  Winbridge is composed of a group of professionals who are highly experienced in working with clients on these types of engagements.  Most of our staff have advanced degrees in business, science and/or engineering.   We know the processes that work and the pitfalls.  Our teams are also skilled in a wide range of industries, technologies and/or functions and bring these qualities to the client team.  Some of the industries we cover include instrumentation, chemical manufacturing equipment, machine tools, pumps, valves, controls, precision molded rubber parts, industrial and medical lasers, aerospace/defense systems and components, weighing systems and components, plumbing fixtures, foundry equipment, electronic components, laboratory equipment, etc.  We have expertise in automation, manufacturing systems, chemical manufacturing, lasers, rubber/plastic manufacturing and materials.
Workshop Approach
Our workshops are designed to stimulate a creative environment.  We believe that a well founded opportunity search evolves out of a group which has all of the information it needs and creative environment in which to develop the program.  Our market research and analytical techniques contribute the necessary information.  Our creative process, as implemented by our experienced professionals in our workshops, provides the creative environment.  All of this is done in a small number of intensive workshops.  At the conclusion of the sessions, the team has identified opportunities; and partner candidate companies that make sense for the opportunity;  and are willing to discuss partnership.
Creative Process and Techniques
Over the years, The Winbridge Group, Inc. has developed a process to help a top management team quickly and efficiently set goals and objectives and develop a useful set of criteria for evaluating commercialization opportunities.  We work with the management team to understand better their resources and capabilities and the implications.  One common approach for commercialization is to acquire a complementary company in a commercial business.  Finding attractive candidates willing to discuss some form of partnership, including acquisition, is not always easy.   Winbridge is skilled at "selling" our clients to potentially reluctant candidates and bringing them to the table to start negotiations.
Market Research
At various points in the search process, it is critical to bring in information about industries and companies that may not be readily available.  During our workshop process we identify this missing information and then put together a program to obtain it.  To assist in this regard, Winbridge has a team of experienced market researchers who are skilled in conducting personal and telephone interviews with high level professionals.  Most of the information is available from key industry sources.  We interview these people either over the telephone or in person.   Occasionally, we will conduct broader based interviews using a variety of techniques from Focus Groups, to Mail Surveys to large scale telephone surveys.

Implementation System

Many companies have found over the years that their strategic plans become shelf decorations and are not systematically implemented.  We have worked with some our clients and evolved an implementation process that helps to overcome this problem.   It involves the use of a dedicated Strategic Control Center, brief periodic meetings in which specific actions are planned,  follow up meetings to check progress and plan next steps.  Computer based programs have also been used in a supplementary way to facilitate the process.


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